BTS’s V revealed his weight and fans couldn’t believe it

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The member of BTS, Taehyung, or better known as V He let his weight be seen in one of his recently shared photos on Instagram.

The artist was in the capital of France, Parisand he was away from social networks for a few days, but recently he made several publications where he showed the beautiful places he was able to visit, photos of him showing his body and a photo where he showed how much he weighed.

The reason for the trip to Paris is still completely unknown, since neither he nor the group’s agency has made an official statement.

On November 19, the artist became a trend due to several photos that he published on his official Instagram account shortly before leaving the country, and the photo of his weight was a curiosity of his followers, previously taehyung she had mentioned that she was on a specialized diet to lose weight.

It seems that V is happy with his progress as he shared the photo with a “thumbs up” GIF, there’s no telling what weight the artist is looking for but from the looks of it he’s well on his way to finding it but for those Internet users this weight means that he is thin for his height, taking into account that taehyung measure 178.8 centimeters and is weighing 63.4 kilograms.

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Among the comments he received from Internet users we can find:

“178.8 cm tall and weighing 63 kg seems too thin. He should stop trying to lose weight »

«It seems like a lot of male idols are around her weight and height.”

“I’m excited to see what he filmed in Paris”

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