BTS’s V apologizes to BLACKPINK’s Jennie for the following reason

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The renowned Kpop singer and member of bts V, has been the subject of various courtship rumors with Jenny, Member of BLACKPINK. And now, the idol has apologized to the popular artist for the following reason.

Despite the fact that at this point there has been no official confirmation as to whether V and Jennie are a couple, fans do not know if they still see each other or live together, since the BLACKPINK member is currently traveling, and the BTS member will go to military service mandatory that governs South Korea in the year 2023.

Although there are alleged photos and videos that would confirm their relationship, the popular singer ended up apologizing to her for something that happened a long time ago.

This event occurred during a ceremony of kpop, where all the groups gathered on stage to take the group photo. BTS was in front of BLACKPINK and other idols, so while getting up, V accidentally hit Jennie on the head.

At the end, the members can be seen bowing to apologize, while their fellow members laugh at the situation as they interact with them.

The moment of apology v a Jenny has gone viral on social networks, since both the BLINK As the ARMY They have been trying to find out when the exact moment was when both idols would have started dating.

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