BTS’s V and Jungkook question their friendship after discovering some photos

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The ARMY of bts has managed to discover a series of photos that have generated several doubts about the true relationship that the members would have Jungkook Y v. What did fans discover? bangtan?

After the news was released that the members of BTS will enlist in the compulsory military service, Each of the seven members have been focusing on their solo activities, but they also take advantage of their free time to go out and enjoy themselves.

Recently, it was revealed that Jungkook and V went to the beach together, where some photos were left that have raised the doubts of their millions of fans and followers.

And, although many fans did not believe in said version, one ARMY shared “evidence” of the alleged trip, as he claims to have seen them on the beach in Haeundae at 2 in the morning, they were accompanied by their staff, but Jungkook took pictures of v during the evening, which were shared on social networks.

These photos have shocked the ARMY, since some of them have begun to believe that their friendship goes beyond that, and that both idols could actually “date”, which is only speculation and a theory within the Fandom.

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