BTS’s Taehyung went shirtless for the first time and wowed his fans

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Taehyung, one of the most popular members of bts, has been seen in a new shirtless photo, which has driven the audience crazy army and all social networks.

For him ARMY, being able to see the members of bts in more provocative photos it is not something so easy and common to see, since idols do not usually show their bodies frequently. One of them is Taehyung, or better known as v, who on very few occasions has been seen shirtless.

But now, V has published a new photo that has truly surprised his fans and followers, since supposedly he would have taken it without a shirt on top.

Since the members of bangtan opened their personal accounts Instagram, each of them has been able to share more about their day to day with the ARMY, from their concerts, trips, studio sessions, to other things that are common in their personal lives.

In the case of Taehyung, the idol drove his fans crazy by taking off his shirt for the first time for a photo that he posted on his networks.

And it is that, a black and white photo that can be seen somewhat blurred, was enough to leave his millions of fans around the world breathless, because some believe that he was not wearing anything, others assured that it was only lighting, but without doubt was V shirtless and that has completely amazed them.

On other occasions, the idol He has also shown himself shirtless, such as in his most recent trip to Mexico. However, despite the fact that he took photos without a shirt, he had part of his torso covered with a towel.

And you, did you like this photo of taehyung?

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