BTS’s Taehyung Reveals 5 Essential Items He Always Carry In His Bag

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taehyung of bts He proved to be a simple boy who doesn’t need much to survive. The idol revealed the 5 items essentials that you carry in your bag, in the ARMY Membership Kit of the third year of the K-Pop group, with the famous challenge “What’s in my bag?”.

1. Cell phone

«If you put your phone in your pants, they don’t look good on you, so I put it in my bag. (To be honest, I keep them in my pocket often…)«.

two. Phone charger

«Since I have to charge if I run out of battery…«.

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3. Portable battery

«A portable power bank is a must-have item. When you’re out this is unconditional«.

Four. toothbrush kit

«As expected this is a must have for us… In the bedroom we sometimes go out at dawn or come back late at night so if we want to clean our teeth we have to take this with us«.

5. Mask

«Of course hygiene is important«.

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