BTS’s Taehyung and BLACKPINK’s Jennie would like to get married and have a family

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Although the love relationship between taehyung of bts Y Jenny of BLACKPINK, fans of both groups kpop have claimed that both idols wish to have children, thanks to previous statements that both have made.

According to ARMY and the BLINK, and with an answer he gave v on the platform of weverse, the singer and dancer does want to have children in the future.

An ARMY called him father and Taehyung assured that he wants to have a child in several years, supposedly he wants a family of 2 to 3 children, something that really impressed his fans and followers.

For her part, Jennie, the member of BLACKPINK, talked with her groupmates about her future, as they hope to be together for many years. It was in that talk that she published herself in a vlog of the girlband, where Jennie assured that she still does not know very well about the subject of babies, but she thinks that she can be married or have children around 42 or 44 years old. This is because her life as her idol could last a long time because she wants it that way.

With these statements, fans of bts Y BLACKPINK They believe that both idols could get married and have a family together, since the evidence of their possible romance is extremely notorious.

And you, would you like me to taehyung Y Jenny will they form a family?

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