BTS’s Suga Announces New Show, Find Out Who Will Be The First Special Guest

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With suga premiering his new program called «SUCHWITA: DRINKING WITH SUGA» soon we will have more content of bts, we will see its first episode and it will bring us a very important guest, stay to know who it is.

Today we have a lot of content and solo releases from bts, which is good for ARMY, although we also love all the content and group albums they put out.

2022 brought us the first solo album of J-Hope “Jack In The Box” after that, he came out “The Astronaut” of Jin, and in the next few days MRI will launch “Indigo”.

Secondly, taehyung act with his “Wooga Squad” in “In The Soop: FriendcationSo it’s good to see the faces of solo idols, and we’re sure they’ll soon bring more surprises for the fans who have always supported them wholeheartedly.

everything i was working on yoongi It was a secret, since they did not give any clue, but all this changed a few days ago.

yoongi He recently announced his new program called: «SUCHWITA: DRINKING WITH SUGA» and will have a very special guest at the premiere. The first trailer of the program has been released through the official BTS social network and in it we can see the arrival of a special guest.

For sure ARMY was not prepared for what was coming, but, the special guest in the premiere of the program is the beloved leader of the group, RM.

Are you ready to watch the premiere of Yoongi’s new show with RM?

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