BTS’s RM talked about what was next for him after his album “Indigo”

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After releasing two successful solo mixtapes in 2015 and 2018, MRI from bts released his debut solo album Indigo.

Featuring nine incredible artists, this 10-track album is filled with many life-changing moments and unforgettable memories, as the leader of one of the world’s most popular musical groups, MRI he often explores his solo music outside of the group and builds his own musical identity while appreciating what it means to be one of seven members of the wonderful group.

Of course, the group is an essential part of my life. But it doesn’t really represent who I am as a person, I had to release this album to stand on my own as an individual.

In an interview with the magazine hypebeast shortly after the album’s release, the singer said that it was important to him Indigo, because that way he could keep his identity after more than nine years with the bandmates, MRI he had been working on the new album for four years and when asked how he feels about the release of his long-awaited album, he said:

It feels like I’ve finally finished the task I’ve been putting off for so long, it also feels like an offer to the RM brand and I’m proud to leave a record of the ups and downs at the end of my 20 years.

After the album received critical acclaim and he got to collaborate with some of his biggest role models, you’d think that MRI it would take a while to enjoy the success of the launch, but in the interview he shared with hypebeast that he is already working on his next musical project even before the release of the album, since Working on Indigo it triggered something in him, the artist revealed.

Creating Indigo was hard work, so I wanted to take a break after releasing it, but when I released it, found new inspiration and wanted to make new music, I realized I’m really not the type to take a break.

So before launching Indigo, the singer was already working on his new musical project, for this reason we have to be attentive to his next release.

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