BTS’s Jungkook worries ARMY because he left the concert crying

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Jeon Jung-kookbetter known by his stage name Jungkookhas been worrying ARMY Well, he always ends up crying at his concerts. Here the reasons.

South Korean singer and dancer Jungkookbelonging to the group of Kpop, BTS, It generates concern in his fans because in all his concerts the singer is seen worried and with enormous sadness, to the point of crying without anyone being able to stop him.

As we are used to in our society, it is not normal to see men cry and even less so if they do so in public, as it is synonymous with little masculinity and is seen as if he were a weak man.

However, as no one expected, the singer Jungkook He is not afraid to show himself as he is in front of ARMY, being open to your emotions. On many occasions he has been seen crying in front of a large audience, and the singer is not afraid to show himself that way to people, much less to the other members of the group, but what causes concern is knowing that he is so excited or sad. to the point of crying.

When he is questioned Jungkook Why he does this in front of the stage he does not deny it, on the contrary, he shares with great pride that he cries because he does not feel that this should be something embarrassing, and considers that he is not afraid to show himself like this «Because I’m sure there will be more times when I’ll be crying. There were many touching moments“That’s why he always thanks ARMY for allowing him to cry with happiness and for them to accompany him at each concert with so much love.

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