BTS’s Jungkook surprised a Mexican fan and the “encounter” made ARMY jealous

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The singer Jungkook, who is a member of the band kpop, btshas surprised a Mexican fan with a beautiful meeting in the middle of the Christmas holidays, their fans known as army they are envy and jealous of the lucky one.

The artist who recently performed at the soccer world cup has been able to exploit his talent very well, because thanks to his dedication, large companies seek his professionalism for large and striking events.

For the members of bts their public is the most precious thing, that’s why in their concerts or events they hold, they look for a space in their busy schedule to take pictures with the fans, or sign an autograph. But this time the artist opted for something bigger and that would generate envy, visit your fan

The fanatic who did not hide her emotion, apparently is a great follower of all the members of btsespecially of jungkookbecause in the midst of his emotion he did not stop crying and screaming when he saw him.

His father was the one who helped make the surprise successful, he commanded a famous billboardswhich is a kind of life-size cardboard photograph that they use to take photos or decorate, to the surprise the young woman was very happy and grateful, clearly she did not miss the opportunity to kiss and hug him as if he were the real artist.

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