BTS’s Jungkook put an end to some food due to health problems

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Jungkook, the golden maknae and minor member of the group of kpop bts, he had to put an end to a series of foods that compromised his health and therefore his performance in his artistic career. What were these foods that the idol had to put aside?

when you are a idol of kpop, one is aware of the eating habits that must be taken in order to have an optimal physical figure for all the presentations that are made and that characterize this genre above others.

These aspects have even come to be criticized, since various artists of the kpop They have even confessed to going days without eating anything in order to be in line and with an ideal weight to be able to meet the standards that are customary to see in the industry.

Jungkook, one of the most popular members of bts, He is aware of all the care he must take to protect his health. And it was so that through a live that he idol He did a few months ago, where he confessed that he had to give up a series of foods that were affecting his digestive system, which could have caused him various problems when dancing and singing.

The golden maknae He confessed that he had to give up several flours because his body was not assimilating them as it normally should. The medical checkup indicated that this type of food caused stomach problems, which were not good for the idol’s artistic performance.

The army and other fandoms of the kpop They have been aware of the measures that different idols must take in order to take care of their health and feel good. The kpop industry It’s hard, but all the sacrifices lead to a goal: to be able to deliver a great job to their fans, who, in the end, are in charge of giving their favorite groups and artists success.

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