BTS’s Jungkook has a secret Tiktok account and his fans discover it

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Some fans of bts have ensured that Jungkook, minor member of the group, has a private account on the platform of tiktok. This revelation has emerged through a video explaining why they believe that the golden maknae use this social network secretly.

Yes there is something that characterizes Jungkook and surprises the ARMY, It is his great creativity for the usernames of his social networks, which become somewhat difficult to find.

When the Idol opened his official profile on the social network Instagram, The user he chose went viral, because he only used the alphabet and omitted the letters J and K, which are the initials of his name.

And now, that action that the Golden Maknae, has been a clue for fans to suspect that he might have a secret account in TikTok.

The video went viral on said app, as a user decided to collect some evidence about the secret profile of the minor member of bangtan, which is made up of the alphabet, omitting the letter z.

The ARMY is struck by the videos that have been published, as they range from places like the beach, places very similar to those he has visited or photos of a dog of the same breed as his pet.

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