BTS’s Jungkook fulfills one of ARMY’s greatest whims with this video

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jungkook member and singer of bts showed a new facet to army and he fulfilled one of the biggest whims of his fans.

The singer now best known for his recent performance at the world cup, has been chosen as one of the soloists of the genre kpop listened to so far this year, in addition to being the first artist to kpop to appear in a world cup.

jungkook He has prepared for the next few years to release his album as a soloist, just as his other colleagues are doing, and although he could soon enter the army to fulfill his military service, army he hopes that he can release his album long before he is due to go.

For now, the singer would be dedicated to pleasing his followers and making them happier, since he was recently seen walking in South Korea like a whole «bad boy«.

Through videos circulating on social networks, he is seen jungkook ride a big motorcycle, while his fans recognize him and take several pictures of him.

The singer’s style, a bit rebellious with his tattoos, earrings and his perfect way of dressing makes army I fantasized about him, plus seeing him on his motorcycle was a dream for fans of the band.

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