BTS’s Jungkook and the photos of his incredible waist, which fans envy (Photos)

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jungkook of bts is considered the number one member with the best figure, so seeing a picture of his waist will only make army crazy and jealous in an incredible way.

we can’t deny that jungkook He has one of the best male waists we’ve seen in Kpop, so fans will have the pleasure of seeing him at any time, both in videos and in presentations, but this time we’re going to appreciate the artist’s waist in photos.

The photo session of the member of bts for “GQ” became one of the most beloved photos by fans, but the photo of jk she caught the attention of fans not only because of her all-black appearance, but also because of her waistline.

We can never forget the chained black suit he wore jungkook during his tour “Permission to dance on stage”especially when we talk about the chains that highlight her waist, which drove everyone crazy and made more than one sigh.

Another concept that fans love about the group’s wardrobe is when they wear corsets or suspenders, as that only accentuates the artist’s slim waist.

Look at the waist of Jungkook, You don’t need to wear chains, corsets or suspenders, because only the high pants are enough for us to see your size, as it happened in Dynamite Dance Break Practicewe can only see him wearing black pants and a long-sleeved white shirt.

When it comes to the body of the group members, the waist of jungkook It has become a favorite, not only appreciated for its size, but also envied, since many people want it.

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