BTS’s Jungkook and Stray Kids’ Felix in dating rumors

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In the scene KPOPEvery year Dispatch, the popular South Korean outlet that chases idols around the world, reveals surprise relationships as a New Year’s “gift.” This 2023, Internet users began to create theories about who would be the new New Year’s couple revealed by Dispatch.

Many of the theories made some sense, given the interactions the idols had shared throughout the year, while others made no sense at all, though they received a surprisingly positive reception among fandoms, who were hungry to find out who. would be the new couple Dispatch.

One of the couples among which rumors were around was between Jungkook of bts and Felix from stray Kidswho although it is a fact that they have interacted in formal events, have never had any interaction to give weight to the theory, although it is known that Bang Chan, the leader of Stray Kids, is a friend of Jungkook.

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The user who created this theory began to receive mixed responses on networks, especially on Twitter. Many showed their disappointment when it was revealed that the new year’s relationship was IU with Lee Jong Suk and not jungkook of BTS with Felix by Stray Kids.

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