BTS’s Jungkook and RM will travel to the United States to attend the GRAMMYs

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BTS fans are very excited because the boys are about to make history at the 2023 Grammy Awards, and with the academy’s new interaction with two BTS members, fans are more excited than ever. According to an insider, MRI Y jungkook They will travel to the United States to attend the ceremony.

This is on behalf of the entire group, as the other members have a very busy schedule. The performers of “Yet To Come” achieved 3 nominations, so their chance of winning a gramophone also tripled, which is how according to the insider, the lead/maknae duo added in their schedule to attend the GRAMMYs.

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bts has been nominated in the categories “Best Music Video”, “Best Pop Duo/Group performance” and “Album of the year” thanks to their participation in the Coldplay album “Music of the Spheres”, where they have composition credits and participation for their collaborative track “My Universe”.

Of course the insider’s statements made sense when the GRAMMYs started following RM and Jungkook on Instagram, so army much more has been convinced of the reports. An official announcement is expected to be made in the coming weeks, as the awards will take place on February 5.

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