BTS’s Jungkook and IU have been spotted together for the first time

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The minor member of BTS Jungkook has been seen for the first time with his biggest crush, the renowned South Korean singer IU, which is the biggest idol and “ideal girl” of the popular member of the South Korean septet of Kpop.

There have been many ARMYS and other followers of bts who have joked about the crush he has jungkook with IU, Well, the South Korean soloist is her biggest crush.

Although some members of BTS and the soloist have met at some events, apparently she and Jungkook have never met in person. However, the ARMY finally got to see them together for the first time.

Everything has been achieved thanks to an unexpected video on social networks that has begun to become popular, and that many fans say they have never seen.

The meeting between golden maknae and the talented artist occurred during a musical show in the debut of bts, where UI she was one of the drivers; jungkook Y V they introduced themselves while dancing with her, so they have interacted for a while.

The video has impacted ARMY, since it is the first time that the two idols have been seen together in one place. jungkook at that time he was still very young, so he possibly did not yet have a crush on the renowned soloist.

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