BTS’s Jin is forced to stop his album sales for this reason

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Some days ago, Jin of BTS, released his solo single “The Astronaut«, making his live debut in Argentina, the same day as the release of the single.

The single album Jin “The Astronaut” it quickly went out of print, worrying fans that the agency underestimated the album’s sales.

On the first of November, a netizen opened a discussion on a social network, which he called «The album of Jin Is it sold out”. This is where the netizen wrote: “Is this an album they made at the last minute or something? The fact that they don’t have it for sale affects the sales of the album in the first week of the artists, from what I saw they only give it one week. After that certain time it will not count as part of the sales of the first week. HYBE He must not have known the album would sell so well.”

He also posted a screenshot showing his attempt to purchase the album, only to receive a warning message that read: “Because the available quantity is less than the number of orders received, orders with full payments after October 28 They will be shipped in early November.

For this reason, many fans were concerned, since they say that HYBE Labels, could have underestimated the number of albums that were going to be sold and that for this reason they did not create enough to cover the demand for sales in the first week of Jin.

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