BTS’s Jimin sends an emotional message to Jin in the army and excites the ARMY

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The members of bts They have been very emotional after the farewell to Jin to the army, and since his departure the past December 13th They have given him words of encouragement, and although it has only been a few days, they already miss the member of the group, which is why they have chosen to leave him some messages with a lot of feeling.

Jimin recently he also revealed his emotions and the lack that he has Jin, This is why he wanted to send him a message publicly, given this army excited and collapsed social networks.

Earlier this month the enlistment of Jin to the army, and from that day army I was very aware of how the subject evolved, and if the rumor was true. But Jin, days before December 13th He posted a photo on his social networks where he showed himself without hair, making the rumor clear.

His colleagues who feel his absence have wanted to send different messages that they hope he can see, but the message of Jimin In particular, he was very shocked and made it clear that he wishes the best for the artist on these special dates.

on the page of Weverse, Jimin showed again the great friendship he has with kim seokjinand I wish him a Merry Christmas until the Army, writing “Merry Christmas to you too, Jin.«. And although it is not the first time that she boasts of her friendship, this time more than ever she shows that she always has him in mind.

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