BTS’s J-Hope demonstrates the great friendship he has with Crush and gives him a huge surprise

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jhope member of the famous group btsagain refers to the strong friendship he has with the singer crushthis time he managed to surprise him and his followers were delighted with the reunion.

jhope is one of the members of bts more successful, since he recently released his album «Jack in the Box»and although he had a lot of criticism, he also received praise and many successes, thanks to this the artist was nominated for the awards MOM 2022 earning great admiration.

The duo who worked together and debuted with their single “rush hour«, he had not had more appearances for what army I thought that their friendship was only limited to performing the song.

However, what they did not expect was that more than ever they would continue working together, after their surprise appearance at a concert by the artist. crush.

Together they enjoyed the concert and moved the attendees who saw some dance steps, which they did with reference to the choreography of btsback to army crazy, without a doubt the concert and the appearance of jhope It was a great gift for the followers of the two artists.

The member of bts He is not the first artist to share music with crushpreviously suga He also collaborated on stage with him, where his fans also fell in love.

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