BTS: This is Jungkook’s partner, he is the envy of the ARMY

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Jeon Jungkook from BTS He is 25 years old, (26 in Korean age) and is the youngest of the group. Despite being the most popular, he has not had as many love rumors as his companions, although he has been related to a young tattoo artist with whom he was seen and it is publicly known that IU is her crush.

The South Korean singer is known as Jungkook’s ideal girl, because from a very young age he has admired her and it is known by his fans that he likes her. The young star has collaborated with Suga and J-Hope, but she has not had any interaction with the Golden Maknae.

However, so far he remains single, even if his peers have rated him as the member who is better with girls. When he was younger, he was shy around women, so the ARMY joked about being afraid of them.

How is Jungkook’s ideal girl from BTS?

Jungkook from BTS He is very clear about who his girlfriend could be and, although he has assured that he does not want to get married, the fans have been able to know the type of partner he wants. From his character, style and physical appearance, the South Korean singer has listed the characteristics of his ideal girl.

The Jungkook’s couple It should be someone with long hair, of short stature and who has a good style of dress similar to yours. About his character, apparently he is looking for someone who is hardworking, kind, intelligent and mature to have long and interesting conversations.

As if that were not enough, he brought out his romantic side, because Jungkook ensures that when he meets the woman he is going to marry or fall in love with, bells will ring around him.

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