BTS: They are “accused of corruption” by concert, ARMY explodes against the government

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bts will resume their group activities next October, as they will offer a free concert to promote the Busan 2030 Expo and win the seat. The South Korean band was invited by the mayor of that city; however, the organization of the event is in the midst of controversy.

This will be one of the biggest events in bts nationally and worldwide, in addition to the almost 50 thousand lucky fans who managed to get free passes, it can also be seen totally free on television and the Weverse platform. In addition, ambassadors from Busan were appointed.

However, from the beginning there were problems with the logistics of the bts concert, since it was planned to be done in an open-air area to house 100,000 people. But the view of the screens was going to be very limited, in addition to the fact that the fans expressed their concern for so many people and the venue was changed.

What happened to the BTS concert in Busan?

Now, the most recent controversy has to do with the payment of the concert. Initially it was announced that HYBE and the group should cover all the expenses, the ARMY got angry and believes that the excessive cost of some producers who were recently launched were to be able to cover the debt.

As if that were not enough, fans fear that the image of BTS be stained by corruptionas the Korean media revealed on Wednesday that the Korean government would have sent emails in the name of HYBE to large national companies to sponsor the concert, without the agency being aware.

The ARMY exploded on social networks and believes that government actions could be misunderstood, since HYBE and the group could have already paid for the concert and sponsorship money could be stolen. The reports also reveal that the companies agreed to pay on their own, but the ARMY believes that the actions of bts as ambassadors they were overshadowed by the actions of the organizing committee.

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