BTS Says Goodbye To Their Fans With One Last Announcement Before Leaving For Military Service

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BTS, South Korean group of k popwill soon say goodbye to his fans because they must compulsorily fulfill the military service required by the government of Koreaso they should put a pause around 2 years to music, as his biggest focus will now be with the army.

The group made up of seven members is ready to exercise its obligation, so for now two of them will leave and then the rest will leave, leaving the group incomplete for a few long years, however to calm the sadness of the ARMYRecently Jin released his solo album «The Astronaut»which has undoubtedly been to the total liking of the fans, because it was an album in collaboration with Coldplay, important British band.

In addition to this, bts he knows his fans will miss him, and they can’t leave without leaving him a few little gifts first to make them look forward to his return.

Recently in an interview with Pharrell Williamsrapper, composer, singer and record producer admitted that they could do a collaboration with him, which would be of great pleasure for ARMY well pharrell He has worked with artists of international stature, making it clear that a collaboration with him would be iconic and representative for the group.

The song would be part of the musical album “Phriends” and the group would be included BTS, but something that moved me even more was that the artist pharrell claimed it might be on the solo album by Jinsince he needs 10% to finish it, and that 10% wants to be pharrell. It is not for less than ARMY be eager to hear their magic and they would wait for them as long as it takes.

the full interview here.

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