BTS Member Asks ADORA For Help On New Song, Collaboration Speculated

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The former producer of Big Hit Music, ADOREdebuted as a solo idol with his song «make u dance«. Before her debut, the artist was known to BTS fans for her distinctive production style and her vocals in some of the boy group’s songs.

After entering the industry as an idol, his old colleagues from Big Hit, such as the producers pdogg Y SlowRabbit, showed support for her career with a video reaction to her song. However, fans wanted to know if BTS members got close to her after her debut.

The idol revealed that despite not keeping in touch with the boys of the K-Pop group, Suga approached recently and praised ADORA’s version of “Spring Day«. However, this was not the only reason for her approach, the BTS member wanted to work with her.

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«Because it encouraged me, as an original artist, I was a little… I thought I should have had a better dinner, I remember being a little shy and very gratefulADORA admitted.

«I still don’t know what kind of song it is, it was just to check my condition, to see if I could do it. So I said I can do anythingshe added.

This revelation from the producer made ARMY excited because he can appear in a song on collaboration in the album Suga’s soloist.

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