BTS managed to make two members of Twice fall in love for this reason

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bts is one of the groups k pop internationally recognized, therefore he has millions of fans who follow in his footsteps and enjoy his talent.

Lthe members of the group bts, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jim, Suga, RM and J-Hope, They are constantly admired and praised by their fans, however, what is surprising is that they are also admired by other idols in the world. k pop. This time by the members of Twice. ARMY was the one who discovered the surprising news.

Twice, is another important female group in the industry, with their talent they have crossed borders taking their music to different countries around the world. And he is the one who is rumored to have fallen in love with bts.

Recently bts premiere their single “ButterĀ»which was nominated for the grammy, because of how catchy the song was, and because of this it was normal that many people would like it. The surprising thing was to see two of the members of Twice, sing the song as if they were true fans. The two members were Nayeon Y Momo, of whom it is said that they do not have a good relationship with the members, but when you see this you can see the opposite, you can even see the important taste they have for the members of the male band.

The truth is that even if you have the idea that the Idols of the k pop They almost never have a good relationship, it can be fake news because sometimes the members of a band can enjoy the songs of others as if they were fans similar to anyone.

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