BTS Jungkook’s Tweet that’s on the ‘Twitter Greatest Hits’ list

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The members of bts They tend to draw everyone’s attention with their posts on social networks. Jungkookmeanwhile, demonstrated his influence with a Tweet that made it to the list of most iconic posts since the platform’s inception.

Even though the boys don’t use their account very often Twitter group, when one of them publishes something ARMY goes crazy on the social network. Jungkook is no different, over the years the idol has managed to go viral with his posts, but one in particular is the most iconic.

The British Newspaper «Guardian» published an article recently titled «The biggest hits in Twitter history» analyzing in the article «the most well-known and notorious tweets in the company’s 16-year history«.

On the list full of awesome, meaningful, and weird Tweets was a post from the BTS account, a post from the K-Pop boy group’s Golden Maknae, a cover of the song ‘Never Not‘ of Lauv shared in May 2020.

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«BTS, the South Korean boy band, has almost 50 million followers, thus ranking high on major retweet charts. In it, lead vocalist Jungkook sings ‘Never Not’ by American singer-songwriter Lauv. It had 1.5 million retweetsThe Guardian wrote.

In the video, Jungkook showed off his beautiful voice in the comfort of your bedroom and in loose clothing. At the end of the video, the idol made his fans swoon with cuteness as he misunderstood the words and adorably turned off the video.

The BTS member wrote “Never no» with a purple heart in the caption of the video, viewed more than 41.9 million times. Although idols are not very active on Twitter, without this post the list would not be complete.

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