BTS Jin’s epic response to criticism for touching a woman’s hand

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Jin of bts was the last guest of Lee Young Ji’s web series ‘My Alcohol Diary’, after his appearance, many asked the idol questions through the Weverse platform as the episode was full of many emotions, showing a different side of the idol .

But at the end of the episode and reading the messages on social media, the idol took to Weverse to clear up the controversy over a scene in the episode. During one part, Jin I was playing with Lee Young Ji, as expected, with a lot of alcohol the two young men became really chaotic.

In one of the games, the two had to constantly touch hands following the rules they were playing. Apparently, the action angered some fans who were very jealous when they saw the scene. A ARMY he even took to his social media to share a screenshot of the video with Jin touching his hand and put in the description “Kim Seok-jin…. I am very angry«.

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Jin managed to find the post and gave the most epic response you can imagine: «Wow, for hitting his hand? I guess you could also say I hit my hand, we didn’t even shake hands…«. Jin’s response received mixed responses. Many loved the way the idol responded, others couldn’t tolerate the fan’s boldness.

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