BTS appears in this new Netflix series that you can watch now and is one of the most viewed

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The popular South Korean septet of kpop bts featured in this series Netflix, which is one of the most popular on the streaming platform

The enormous support you receive bangtan through their fans, they have made different series, movies and television shows make references to the group or the members.

And it was like this, how a young woman who discovered the appearance of the idols of BTS in this popular Netflix production, because when watching one of the episodes she revealed that the band has a mention.

It’s about the series “I never” of Netflix, one of the characters has a conversation about the tension that exists between North Korea Y South Korea, imagining that by having BTS as a reference, they would be a single powerful nation and dominate the world.

South Korean stars are a great reference for any teenager in their country, so it is not surprising to see the great impact that the group has left on South Korean society.

This series follows the life of Devi, a teenager of Indian origin who has good grades, but has a hard time socializing due to her short-tempered temperament. Desperate, she asks her gods to allow her to go to parties, try drinks and prohibited substances and get a boyfriend.