Braves refines the squad for the Clausura 2023 Halftime

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The Juarez Braves They continue with the pre-season work and this Wednesday they trained at the Bravo Complex, where they carried out physical and technical exercises. At the end the technician spoke Hernan Cristantewho mentioned how he saw the team on his return:

“They returned well, with a good disposition, with desire, followed the action plan that there were holidays that are not really holidays, but everyone adjusted. Regarding the end of the last tournament of The only thing I could complain about is the result because of how the game went, but performance and delivery was spectacularIt did not affect the mood. We know that what has been done can be overcome and that is how the squad comes, the last tournament left us a good base, ”he said.

One of the things that cristante wanted to change was clean up the campusto have less elements but more committedsomething that already started:

there are no ghostsno traumas, start something new with a more solid base and I’m talking about the feeling of the team, now the staff is shorter, has been purged and you can improve the qualitative part, before we were many and improving that part is difficult with so many people because you don’t give them the same quality, added to the speed of the previous tournament; now there is time, there is disposition. on list there are 6 or 7 casualties”, he explained.

Finally, time was given to talk about how the duel between Mexico and Argentinaand also gave an analysis of what Mexican soccer needs to grow:

“Usually I watch those games alone, I drink my beer, my mate and I watch the game, I enjoy it, I have shouted goals from Mexico and Argentina when they face each other, I’m not going to be a hypocrite either, but they are mixed feelings.

“The fortress of Mexican soccer It lies not only in the players, there is a lack of order, of perseverance, of knowing where we stand, what our league is, in what we are competent, in what we can compete. First you have to order yourself in many aspects, the league could be betterthe structure, the players could have a better base, we have taken so much out of football that we owe it and when we start to give football what it requires Mexico It will change history,” he concluded.


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