Brand expert reveals why Zara Home sells its products so expensive

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  • studies like “A Look at Commercial Real Estate in Latin America / Lifestyles Survey” have measured the reasons why a store is visited.

  • Zara Home It is one of the leading brands in the retail segment.

  • The point of sale is a key space to understand the market today.

A tiktoker who claims to be a brand expert revealed the reason why Zara Home he sells his products so expensive in his stores. We compared this fact with a sales strategy that Soriana implemented in its stores and we discovered the challenge of selling at the point of sale.

Inside of the study “A Look at Commercial Real Estate in Latin America / Lifestyles Survey” Mexican consumers were asked why they visited a store and 29 percent considered that it was a more reliable way of making purchases, another 21 percent said they distrusted the handling of personal data in online stores, and 14 percent distrusted home deliveries.

Zara Home and the meaning of the brand

Zara Home stands out for being a brand of great value in the market, which has been able to grow in a segment of products for the home, thanks to elements that Paola Diaz del Castillo (@paoladiazdelcastillo, TikTok) identified in a video where he visits a store of the brand.

@paoladiazdelcastillo It takes us less than ten seconds to make a first impression, 55% depends solely and exclusively on the image, the same happens with brands. So if you have a premium brand, follow these tips that Zara Home does very well. #marketing #zara #home #business #Business #CEO #worth #brand #picture ♬ original sound – Paola Díaz del Castillo

The woman, who calls herself a brand expert, starts from an example that she shows in her video, which is a glass jar at a price of 600 pesos. The first element she identifies is that the store uses terms in English and French on its products, as a way to create a perception that they are of higher value.

Another element that the brand specialist highlights is that the lighting in the place is warm as a way of creating a harmonious environment and it has a display of products in the store, which help the consumer to know how these would look at home.

One aspect that stands out about these stores is that instead of their offers, the store names its products as special prices, so as not to give the impression that something cheap is being bought.

“What he achieves is that people buy his items even though they are more expensive than in other places,” explains the young woman.

This interesting point of view reminds us of the challenge that retail has today, to achieve product sales with strategies that manage to attract the attention of the consumer, because they offer experiences that help to understand the market as Soriana did, although without result.

The store implemented night sales where it promised to keep its stores open all night in November 2022, when the story we reported, “Soriana has night sales and visitors prefer to sleep”, reported how a couple of consumers who went to various branches of the chain, to try to buy products at a low cost, were surprised to see that they were empty and without the offer of products they were looking for.

@roy_savinon We are very satisfied for going at 2 in the morning?:( #sorianamexico #Good end #huntingfortones #best friends #for you #foryou ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

This bad experience generated more than 100 thousand reproductions in TikTok where he denounced the incident and demonstrated the challenge of a good promotional strategy at the point of sale.

We already have two cases of how branding can turn a point of sale into an exceptional place and a bad guideline to achieve sales. On the one hand, we discovered the strategy of Zara Home, which has implemented all kinds of resources to sell common products at high cost, and on the other, we saw the case of a supermarket chain that failed to transcend a promotional strategy, where its employees had to stay awake. all night.

These incidents remind us how valuable the physical point of sale is and how strategies become central in this segment, in order to create unique sales situations.

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