Boy in Hermosillo asks ‘Travieso’ Arce for money to eat and the former boxer invites him to eat with him (VIDEO) | News from Mexico

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HERMOSILLO, Sonora-. a boy from Hermosillo, soundwhere it resides Jorge ‘Naughty’ Mapleapproached the former boxer to ask for money to eat in a seafood restaurant, but he got a better surprise from the Sinaloan.

Through his Twitter account, from which ‘Naughty’ Maple is very active, the former Mexican boxer shared a video in which invited to eat with him to a young man who asked him for help to buy his food.

“Hey yesterday I went to eat shrimp tacos that I love here in Hermosillo, a boy asked me for money to eathow was he alone I invited him to eat with mea girl recorded me and tagged me, on Instagram it’s not presumption, it’s just help others I’ll leave them here,” he wrote. George Maple in your post.

It was a woman who filmed the video from her table, in which the boy can be seen already ‘Naughty’ Maple eating some tacos together at the same table, in a restaurant franchise that sells “taco fish” in Hermosillo, sound.

‘Travieso’ Arce finishes his high school studies and anticipates that he will now go for a bachelor’s degree

Last Tuesday, ‘Naughty’ Maple He shared on his social networks that he passed his exam preparatory and that his certificate will soon arrive, so now he will seek to be Degree in Law.

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