Boy dresses up as Dr. Simi for Halloween and surprises

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  • It is normal to find many of these signs of consumer loyalty to brands on social networks.

  • The brands that enjoy the most loyalty are those that have a real influence on people’s daily lives.

  • Dr. Simi’s stuffed animal became popular in 2021.

The reach and popularity of a brand can be measured in many ways, but nowadays with the use of social networks it can be perceived more easily. This is the case of the popular character Dr. Simi from the Farmacias Similares brand, who has managed to win everyone’s hearts, to the point that a child dressed up as him for Halloween.

When we talk about brand loyalty or brand loyalty, we can define it from the marketing point of view, as the repeated purchase of a product or service as a result of the perceived value, trust and the bond generated between client-company , but with the arrival of social networks, the exposure of consumers in their publications where they mention a brand in a good way is also part of it.

Given this definition, a study “Brand Keys Loyalty Leaders 2011” conducted by Forbes magazine, showed that the brands that enjoy the greatest loyalty are those that have a real influence on people’s daily lives.

Boy dresses up as Dr. Simi for Halloween

With just a few days to go before the Halloween festivities, many people are already surprising others with their creative costumes. This is the case of a boy who has gone viral for asking his mother to dress him up as Dr. Simi.

It was through TikTok where the little boy’s mother identified as Norita Izaguirre (@noritaizaguirre) shared how her son surprised everyone after walking through the streets of Mexico with a homemade costume of the iconic character of the pharmaceutical brand.

“Dr. Ponchito Simi, Halloween 2022 My reinito loves him “, placed the child’s mother in the recording. Which quickly reached more than 400 thousand views.

In the video, which reached more than 400,000 views, you can see the moment when the boy approaches one of Dr. Simi’s original botargas and they both shake hands when they realize they look the same, where the pet of the mark was amazed by the fidelity of the little one.

@noritaizaguirre DR. PONCHITO SIMI 🥼 The same but cheaper 😂 Halloween 2022 🎃👻 My reinitoooo hahahaha loves it 🤣 #Halloween #DrSimi #Similar pharmacies @drsimi_oficial ♬ Rochas and Chetas dance – Nene Malo

After the publication of the video, users on social networks congratulated the boy on his costume.

“It’s a similar to the Simi,” says one of the comments.

“It was great for them. The same, but cheaper”, reads another comment.

“Today I will go to concerts dressed as Dr. Simi and have people throw me on stage,” another comment reads.

“This deserves to be viral, because of the costume and because it is my beautiful Tampico,” says another Internet user.

But among the thousands of comments that the video records, the most important is that of the official account of Dr. Simique commented: “Tqm Similar little clone.”

It is important to remember the importance that this character has gained this year in Mexican culture, when in a Corona Capital, the singer Aurora received one of the charismatic stuffed animals on stage.

Since then, all kinds of international celebrities who come to Mexico expect their followers to throw one of these stuffed animals at them.

In conclusion, the scope that a brand can have among consumers is very relevant to its position in the market.

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