Bought a computer from Amazon; got a nasty surprise

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  • A user told his story of being the victim of a scam by Amazon; supposedly, he received a computer that had already been sold previously.

  • Fewer and fewer users feel mistrust when entering the concept of digital stores and purchases.

  • Amazon is the store eCommerce with more capitalized land in the world, being also one of the most important in Mexico.

A TikTok user shared his story of buying a computer through Amazon. This decision could have been very expensive, because apparently it was a scam.

In fact, despite the fact that the potential of electronic commerce in Mexico is getting bigger, many people are still undecided due to the number of thefts and scams that are generated through these means. And it is that, since there is no direct contact with the seller in person, you could be paying for a product that is not original or that is not the one you bought.

To do this, both Amazon and other portals have preventive measures, however, the demand is so great that sometimes it does not come out as expected or it usually takes too long. In spite of everything, these cases seem to be the minimum and are not a reflection of what the eCommerce in Mexicoa route towards digitization that grows little by little.

The eCommerce in Mexico

If something positive left the pandemic to Mexico was the possibility of growing in previously unexplored sectors, such as the eCommerce. The value of this market is now seen to continue to grow despite the fact that many consumers are beginning to prioritize direct contact with the brand.

Faced with this situation, many brands have adopted and appropriated the approach known as omnichannel, which allows them to capitalize on the efforts made either on sites Web and in the digital market, such as in stores retail. However, it is impossible to recognize the giant steps that this sector has taken and the brands that have become a standard of this with the aim of recognizing what their place will be in the coming years.

A study by Statista Digital Market Outlookpointed out that the growth of eCommerce in Mexico it reached levels never seen before, as it went from being worth close to US$29.40 million in 2020 to US$38.8 billion in 2021. Also, currently, according to figures from the same study, its value would be showing the 45 thousand 700 million dollars.

In addition to this, a study of the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) pointed out that the digital market in Mexico rose a 27 percent between 2020 and 2021resulting in an increasingly noticeable maturity among consumers and this trend.

Bought a new computer from Amazon and got a nasty surprise

A user showed what it was like for him to have made the purchase of a laptop on Amazon. According to what he pointed out, the computer, upon arrival, seemed to be in perfect condition, including all the elements that he requested. However, he was concerned when he realized that the seals on his computer were peeled off.

When turning on the computer, which he bought under the “new” concept, he already had a session started, which is why he decided to contact the first owner.

This is the first video shared by the user:

@lastbornbat123 Don’t buy expensive things on amazon 😔#Fraud #AmazonMexico ♬ original sound – Alex Rivas

As shown in the video, at first he believed that the user was part of the scam, however, everything was cleared up when he revealed that he initially bought the equipment and, realizing that it was not what he expected, he returned the computer. . However, it seems that what really happened is that the equipment was never restored and when it was returned, it was put up for sale again as a new item.

In a second video, the user pointed out that, although the refund took a long time, it could be done after the virality of this TikTok, where it can be seen that the cost reached 50 thousand Mexican pesos.

This is the second video shared by the user:

@lastbornbat123 Part 2 #amazon #scamamazon #customer service #AmazonMexico #fyp ♬ original sound – Alex Rivas

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