Bosses discover OnlyFans account to be employee; she is fired from the “godinato”

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  • A Semrush projection placed the United States, United Kingdom and Canada as the leading countries in traffic within the platform.

  • Figures consulted OnlyFans warned that the number of users registered on the platform was 85 million.

  • Luxurylaunches ensures that the content creator with the highest income on OnlyFans was Blac Chyna with 20 million dollars during 2021.

Through a post published by a woman, who in networks calls herself Maria Midorikarecounts how he allegedly lost his job when his bosses discovered that his employee have an account onlyfans and the social networks of Mexican Alliance of Sex Workers (AMETS) which says head, after which the dismiss.

Undertake creating content on social networks for accounts such as onlyfansseems to be an alternative for income diversification for many users, however, the stories do not always end well, as we realized with the story that he revealed at the time with the nurse Jaelyn, who in her account tiktok explained how she lost her job when the bosses of the care platform she worked for fired her, arguing that the agency’s employees were distracted by watching the videos she posted on the social network.

the market of onlyfans is today one of the most interesting means of content monetization, as revealed by figures consulted on the platform by The Guardian until 2020, when it was estimated that the number of content creators totaled one million against 85 million users, who have your favorite accounts.

SCMP estimated that among the accounts preferred by users of onlyfans they were blac chynawith estimated monthly revenues of $20 million; Bella Thorne, $11 million monthly and Cardi B., 9 million 340 million dollars.

“In 2021American model and TV personality Blac Chyna was the highest-earning creator on OnlyFans, earning an estimated $20 million in monthly earnings from the platform.

actress and creator Bella Thorne came in second place, with an estimated $11 million earned per month on the platform. She followed the rapper<with 9.34 million dollars, in income within onlyfans in 2021”, explained the Statista Research Department when projecting this study.

Losing my job because of OnlyFans

Jaelyn announced that the nursing agency where she worked fired her, after learning that its employees were distracted by watching the videos she uploaded to her TikTok account.

@playgirljaelynnn Like Is that even legal 😂 #fyp #healthcare ♬ original sound – Jaelyn ✨

The event, Jaelyn lamented, was a terrible benchmark for her professional career, firstly because she said she earned more for the content she published on OnlyFans than for her work as a nurse and secondly, because in her search to diversify income she lost her permanent job, of a unexpectedly, because he received an order to report to work and when he did, an assignment with a patient was not waiting for him, but an administrative one who explained that they would let him go because he was a distraction for his co-workers.

To this story that was denounced last September, came the complaint of María Midorika, who in networks identifies herself as responsible for the Mexican Alliance of Sex Workers (AMETS).

In the post where he assured that he lost his job when his employers found out about his TikTok account, he criticized the fact that employees were encouraged to diversify their income and when they managed to do so, they were fired.

Both cases are an important case of how interest is growing in the market regarding the creation of content as a bet to diversify income.

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