Blue Panther had a concussion after falling unconscious in the middle of a fight

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Blue Panther had a
Blue Panther shared that he is “fine” after the fall.

Blue Panther shared, through a statement on social media, that is stable after being knocked unconscious on the canvas after being knocked down by buccaneer king this Tuesday at Arena Mexico. The fighter said that, after the fall, he suffered a concussion.

“I had an accident in the first fall, when skull, an excellent fighter weighing 140 kilos, fell on my neck. It was a contusion in the cervical areathey gave me a medical check-up and it happens that we have nothing serious, “he said Blue Panther through a video that uploaded the account of the World Wrestling Council (CMLL).

The Lagoon Master fought together with Ring Panther Y Dark Panther against skull, Okumura and Buccaneer Kingwhen he suffered a contusion in the cervical area for a fall caused by Bucanero, a triad that won the fight of the night.

This was the fall of Blue Panther

In the video it is seen that the fighter runs to prepare a movement. Later, he manages to dodge an obstacle from Kraneo, who wanted to trip him, but when he reached the ropes to push himself back against his opponent, the Buccaneer King, who was under the ring, took his right foot to make him fall and he gets it.

After his fall, Blue Panther He lay there and never moved again. Without having noticed the state of unconsciousness of his opponent, Kraneo executed a kick to his back, but instantly he noticed that the fighter was passed out. For his part, the referee came to assess his health status and stopped the fight to allow the paramedics to enter.

Blue Panther He was transferred to the dressing rooms on a stretcher to continue with the care and thus be attentive to any complications.

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