Blood Origin is the worst series on Netflix?

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The Witcher: Blood Origin, prequel to the series starring Henry Cavill, is being destroyed by critics and audiences on the internet.

The new series of Netflix, The Witcher: Blood Origin, is being vandalized on the internet. Contrary to the good fame of its related production, the one starring Henry Cavill, this spin-off has received terrible criticism from experts and the audience.

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In Rotten tomatoes, specialized portal, only has 7% in the metric of viewers. With this, it becomes the least favorite in the history of the platform. In addition, it only adds 38% in the category of critics.

Given the negative comments, the executive producer Declan De Barra revealed what they tried to find through the production of four episodes. It is worth mentioning that the program was starred by michelle yeohwho recently triumphed for the film Everything at once everywhere.

“[El prototipo de identidad de Witcher] changed a lot once it was to be éile and then the idea of ​​sacrifice. Warlocks are always sacrificing themselves, or someone is sacrificing an innocent essentially to become a witch, there’s always this element of sacrifice and sacrifice. The idea of ​​sacrifice between two lovers where someone co-opts, or steals, the other’s sacrifice because she loves him, without admitting that she loved him, that was a very strong thing. When we found that, it was when we realized that there would be a change, ”explained the creative about the plot.

However, contrary to what the votes have said, the developer insists that they extensively studied the interests of The Witcher fandom before creating the prequel.

What do the creators say?

So how do we start to promise audiences the things we know they love about The Witcher? Because obviously, the origin story was going to fit into our world no matter what. But any kind of Netflix data will tell you that people like monsters and people like warlocks. And so we knew with this 1200 year time span that we were never going to be able to tie the worlds together as tightly as we would like. and went to Declan who came up with this idea of ​​​​the proto-Witcher”, he tried to rescue.

On the other hand, although things do not seem to have turned out as well, the showrunner indicated the sources of inspiration for the construction of the plot. Acts historical and elements of the franchise were taken into account to make the project that has been destroyed on social networks.

“The idea was that the legacy of fjall sacrificing himself and becoming this proto-Warlock could become one of the last ingredients that would be resurrected later. Because part of the story that we tell in this is that this whole wonderful world and this technology and culture has been lost. It’s like Rome after the fall of the Roman Empire. We are entering the dark ages and all this technology is lost. And the idea that this crucial element of what will be important in Trial of the Grasses for Witchers later, 500 years after conjunction, is lost. And it’s tied to this story that we have here, it’s like what is that foundational element that was used?” he concluded.

The Witcher: Blood Origin chapters are available on the platform from the December 25, 2022.

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