BLACKPINK’s Rose Gets Canceled For Breaking Conduct Rules By Twerking

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The member of the girl group of the moment, BLACKPINK, has received criticism from the Korean public due to her behavior “sexualized” on stage, more specifically, a “twerking” which he did in front of hundreds of people.

There are certain rules of conduct very strict that the participants of the industry of the kpop must follow to maintain a positive image in front of the public, for example, not have a partnerlack political viewsand generally having exemplary behavior, after all, are “idols” for hundreds of young people.

Because South Korea is still a conservative country, it is rare to see groups of kpop being very sensual with their dances or songs, but that has not stopped BLACKPINK of making music with a bawdy theme, like “IceCream”, that talks wishfully about an ice cream cone, referring to the private parts of a man.

This time, it has been Rose who has broken the rule of exemplary behavior by performing the “twerk” dance on stage at one of his concerts. This type of dance is considered very sexual, since it consists of shaking the bubbles of the butt imitating the movement that is made when having intercourse.

the dance of Rose was egged on by a fan who attended the concert with a banner that read “Rosie Throw It Back” either “Rosita hit the ground” in Spanish. This phrase is not unknown to her, in the past, on a live broadcast, she read a comment that said precisely that, and it remained as a funny anecdote for the fans, but this time, she really hit the ground. The interpreter of “gone” has received quite a few negative reviews by the public, considering that it encourages unseemly behavior.

Here we leave you the video of the live broadcast and of Rosé’s “twerk” on stage after reading the fan’s banner.

Even so, these rules have been relaxed a bit lately, for example, jihyo Y momoof Twice, publicly admitted have a relationship loving, which 10 years ago would have meant a complete cancellation, but instead, the singers received support from the public and their agency allowed them to continue their relationship. btsfor their part, have been spokespersons for various political movements such as the «Black Lives Matter» Y “Stop Asian Hate»and instead of criticism and permanent damage to their image, they received support from the public.

In the case of Rosé, the criticism has been rather mild, although very noticeable.

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