BLACKPINK’s Lisa loses a piece of her wardrobe on stage

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The members of BLACKPINK they have always drawn attention for their incredible presence and professionalism on stage, and their recent tour «BORN PINK» has been no different. In particular, a clip of her performance in Seoul was praised for the action of Lisa.

BLINK knows how talented Lisa is in the danceas the main dancer of the group, has some good tricks up her sleeve that serve her well in her performances, and even when something is about to happen incidentjust as it happened in her previous presentation.

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In the middle of the performance it was possible to appreciate that a piece of jeweler’s that was part of wardrobe The idol’s head was falling off, so Lisa used her skills to take it off and not disturb her while dancing in a very subtle way that very few people noticed.

Lisa took the piece and threw it effortlessly, handling the situation like a pro. So much so that she became a trend days after the event, due to the praise and the surprise of his annoyance since he had not been noticed.

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