BLACKPINK’s Jennie Caught With Someone Special, They Assume It’s BTS’s Taehyung

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On social networks, a fan assured that he saw Jenny of BLACKPINK next to someone special, all the fans were completely curious and wanted to know who the special person was. With thousands of interactions, Internet users did not hesitate to ask questions and make theories in order to be at peace.

Many assured that in reality, that special person was Lisa, since others had also seen them walking the romantic streets of Los Angeles, while another group of fans assumed that it was actually about kim taehyungthe BTS member and who has been involved in dating rumors with the “SOLO” interpreter.

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Thus, without prior notice and for just one tweet, a pitched battle took place that even led to trending the names of the idols. The theory was disproved when a army from Korea revealed with evidence that Taehyung could not be since he is currently staying at a hotel in Seoul with Jungkook.

According to testimony, the interpreter of “Sweet night» stayed at the hotel a few days ago and then joined him jungkook after his arrival from Qatar, so what they assumed that Jennie was with Taehyung in Los Angeles, they were completely wrong. The BLACKPINK girls are currently in Europe to continue their “Born Pink Tour” after their stint in North America.

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