Black Friday – The recycling cabinet in Leroy Merlin to equip your kitchen at a reduced price

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It doesn’t matter if you have one small kitchen or big or if you have a lot or little storage spaceEast wardrobe for Recycle is perfect for any home. Its dimensions are the most appropriate so that you can organize all waste consciously. But, in addition, it does not take up much space in this place of your Houseso that it will not take away your hole for other things. In this case, leroy merlin has launched a great offer for him black friday of 16 euros in this product to be more sustainable in our daily life.

One of the things that stands out the most about this metal recycling cabinet by Leroy Merlinis that it has a simple and elegant design that will make it easy for you to place it in sight. So it is perfect even for those people who must have the garbage combined with the other kitchen furniture.

A useful product and practical for recycle at home, with which it will be very easy to sort all the waste depending on the material with which they are made. In addition, its metal design makes it very resistant so that you can enjoy it for many years.

This Leroy Merlin recycling cabinet is matt white and has 4 separating bins inside

Recycling is one of the things that we must keep in mind in our day to day. And it is that it is one of the simplest and fastest steps to carry out to start being more sustainable and respectful of the environment without leaving home.

The recycling cabinet at Leroy Merlin at a discount./ LEROY MERLIN

For this reason, this closet to recycle of leroy merlin It is ideal if you do not know where to put the garbage and you want to have several compartments to organize the waste. So, it incorporates 2 hinged doors Y 4 divider cubesin approximate total measurements of 60x92x25cm (width x height x depth).

In addition, the quality of this product to recycle from the home and decoration store is really good. since it is made of metal and finished in matt white color. Ideal for separating your waste in the kitchen, without having to hide it.

Now you have a discount of 16 euros on the web

If you are looking for a closet to recycle in your kitchen, in leroy merlin you will find this perfect metal to place it in any corner. In addition, now it has a discount of 16 euros. So you can have it at home for only 129 euroinstead of the 145 euros that it is worth with its original price.

In addition, Leroy Merlin gives you the opportunity to both pick it up in store how to send it to you at home. So you will not have to worry about when it will arrive or the shipping price since it is free.

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