Bill Gates taught the Microsoft marketer two powerful techniques

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  • The techniques he disclosed are part of the current talent management recommendations, such as those identified by The State of Pre-Hire Assessments 2018 study.

  • The Voice of the Learner 2019 study identified the skills that are important for talent to develop worldwide.

  • Based on Forbes, Bill Gates is one of the richest personalities in the world.

Bill Gates is one of the most influential personalities, not only because of having the most powerful fortunes, but because of the series of lessons he shares about talent management, due to his experience in a company like microsoftwhere Chris Capossella has made a career to become the marketer of the company, where he recalled the techniques he learned from working with the billionaire.

The statement from the marketing manager at Microsoft is part of the current trends that interest professionals in talent management and as reveals the study “Voice of the Learner 2019“, a 46 percent of them are interested in developing skills to influence and negotiate; while a 17 percent is interested in managing his time; This same percentage applies to people interested in improving the stress management to which they are subjected.

Another study, the The State of Pre-Hire Assessments 2018, reveals what companies are interested in improving among their human capital and it was discovered that the 24 percent of the companies interviewed in the world do not carry out evaluations to make improvements in their workforce.

Bill Gates techniques

Chris Capossella is the current Chief Marketing Officer of microsoftbut in his first years in the company, he had the task of being responsible for the speeches of Bill Gates and the closeness with the businessman gave him the best lessons, from which he has selected two important tricks that he learned from him.

The first trick you should pay attention to in your life, based on the lessons of Capossella It is the management of your time. The manager explains that it is about making the most of your time and in this way you achieve a balance between work and personal life that does not disappoint.

In order to be a teacher in managing your time, the first trick in it is to plan but the whole year that you have at the door, so that you no longer only have your life organized by weeks or months, in this way. With this technique, Capossella It ensures that you can break goals ahead of time, manage tasks better, have a better time management rhythm, and most importantly, improve your productivity.

“When I go through my day, I’m not stressed about what’s next or what I’m not doing enough, because I’ve proactively planned my schedule for the next year,” he explains.

In this sense, the now CMO of microsoft recognizes that time is the most valuable resource available to humans and because it is a finite resource, the question he proposes to ask about it is: “How do I want to spend the next year of my life?”

Another trick recommended by Capossella goes around professionals and how they should take advantage of time, when they feel they waste it in meetings or reviewing emails.

The solution that gates happened to Capossella is to organize your time in blocks, of which he recommends four and each one of them you have to dedicate the 25 percent of your total time. In the case of the manager and based on his functions, he defined four types: one to manage talent, related to the management of his team of marketing, recruitment and hiring. Another block is the design of company strategy, in a third block is the design of marketing strategies and in a last one customer service. His recommendation is to work these blocks for three to four months and record the difference in this regard.

“It has helped me be more strategic about managing my time and reduce the tasks that were consuming my time,” he explained about the benefit of the time management techniques he learned at gates.

Aspect of the activities that can be carried out by the Microsoft CMO with the help of Gates techniques:

While great leaders like Bill Gates reveal the value they give to time and how this impacts the talent they hire, there are companies that do not meet the needs of their talent, despite the fact that studies such as “Voice of the Learner 2019” it is disclosed that the demand is wide.

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