Bilingual girl saves her mom and orders at Starbucks for her

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  • Restaurant Business estimates place starbucks Y Dunkin’ like the leading coffee chains, at least in the United States.

  • Convenience, taste, and affordability were the main reasons consumers gave when explaining why they go to a fast food restaurant, according to a Segmanta study.

  • The story told in starbucks It reminds us how important it has become for restaurants or physical points of sale to have a variety of sales channels, to meet the needs of consumers.

yanafamilylove” he showed in his account TikTok the moment when, according to her, not knowing how to ask in starbucks in English, his daughter bilingual saved her with a simple “Can I get a Caramel Frappuccino?”.

The story went viral on the famous social network and reminds us how important physical points of sale continue to be, especially within fast food, where one element is common to them and is the adaptation to various channels such as the drive thru, which in health contingency even became one of the most popular sales methods.

Based on the above, even restaurant chains such as Taco Bell they assumed changes in the opening of new restaurants, completely forgetting to have tables and chairs to eat in these and turning that space into extra lanes for consumer orders in their cars.

These changes that the physical point of sale has experienced reminds us that in fast foodthe opening of new stores has become a measure to assess the strength of a brand, however, with the adjustments that have arisen as a result of the contingency, the rules have been imposed in retail following elements that value the experience in the face of new purchase needs.

Given these brand opportunities, benchmarks have been established in the market, reminding us how important communication with the consumer has become and not only that, how valuable it is today to have a clear understanding of the fast food retailwhere the figures help to measure how important some brands are for the consumer.

In the study “Restaurant 25” we see a very interesting insight and that is that they are listed to the chains of fast food based on its brand value. First we have starbuckswith a brand value of 45 thousand 700 million dollars; followed by McDonald’swith 39 thousand 720 million dollars Y KFC with $17.62 billion.

With these references, where starbucks leads in brand value, it is possible to understand why stories like the one shown by “yanafamilylove” in TikTok they have gone viral.

“Can I get a Caramel Frappuccino?”

18 million 500 thousand reproductions is what managed to generate the story of Yoanafamilylove” showing how his young bilingual daughter placed an order in English at the drive thru of a starbucks.

“Can I get a Caramel Frappuccino?” The petite consumer, who finishes ordering the mini-size drink, is heard ordering and saying, “That’s it” in English.

@yoanafamilylove #samylove15 #yoanafamilylove @samylove1030 ♬ original sound – Yoana89

This simple anecdote unleashed not only tens of millions of views on TikTokalso hundreds of comments where the safety of the small consumer is celebrated, while others make ironic comments, ensuring that they explain to their children that they pay for their education so that they become their translators.

This story is a great example of how important the communication of absolutely everything has become on social networks, the capacity for experiences that physical points of sale continue to offer, and the leadership that certain brands maintain in the market. fast food retail.

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