Beware of human rabies: Health issues epidemiological warning due to increase in cases

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The National Committee for Epidemiological Surveillance (conave) issued an Epidemiological Notice for both public and private medical units due to the increase in cases of human rabies in Mexico.

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They detect cases of rabies in humans in Mexico, know what the symptoms are

Beware of human rabies: Health issues epidemiological warning due to increase in cases

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Authorities recently confirmed a case in a dog in the state of sonorouswhich is why nine people who had contact with the canine are under observation.

Previously, in December 2022, the Special Epidemiological Surveillance System for Human Rabies confirmed a case transmitted by urban fauna in Nayarit. The case was derived from the aggression of a cat or vaccinated a person.

Also in the same month, in oaxaca Two detected cases were reported, one by laboratory and another by epidemiological association, as well as another probable one; later, three suspected cases were reported in January of this year, all due to a bat bite.

In another case of human rabies in Mexico, in April 2022, a case of transmission by a bat was confirmed in Jalisco.

How is rabies transmitted?

It is important to know that any warm-blooded mammal, domestic or wild, can contract rabies. This is transmitted through contact with infected saliva of another animal or human, by bites, scratches, etc.

According to experts, the most frequent transmitter of this virus is the blood-sucking bat.

Some of the animals most likely to be infected with the rabies virus are: dogs, cats, cows, hares, horses, bats, foxes, skunks, coyotes, bobcats, and monkeys.

In the last five years, 65 cases of human rabies have been registered in the American continent, of which 66% were transmitted by jungle mammals.

The possible cases of human rabies in Mexico they must be registered in public or private health institutions and these must immediately notify the National Epidemiological Surveillance System.

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