Beverly Hills plays host to rapper Drake’s $75 million mansion

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The negotiation between famous Aubrey Drake Graham better known in the musical world as “Drake” and Robbie Williams have managed to reach the field of success and that is that the rapper Canadian managed to buy the mansion from his British colleague for the incredible sum of 75 million dollars, a net profit of more than half for Williams, who managed to acquire this apartment for 32.7 million dollars in 2015 and although the news about the property are very scarce, it is worth considering that it is fully cataloged as one of the mansions of elderly size of the exclusive area 90210 in Beverly HillsLos Angeles and that is added to the list of properties maintained by this singer who has also acquired a complex in Toronto in the neighborhood of Bridal Path for an amount close to $ 7 million.

The Beverly Hills area of ​​California It boasts of being an area of ​​the highest exclusivity where there is also what can be classified as one of the most expensive houses in the world and which is nicknamed “Mansion The One”, so it is an excellent indication of the incredible variety of luxury and glamor that you can get in this area of ​​the city of Los Angeles, the House integrates many rooms and unbridled luxury in its 2,230 square meters of habitable construction. So get to know it in detail with this perfect tour of the new drake’s mansionits external and internal zones and assume a slight idea of ​​what you can get for this gigantic sum of money.

Singer Drake’s $75 million mansion in California

The House In itself it is not new and it is that the English rock star Robbie Williams acquired it in 2015 from Armand Marciano, the co-founder of Guess, and from there he managed to sell it to Drake. This home is built based on the architecture Tuscany and offers you an incredible guest house where both add about 10 rooms, supported by 18 bathrooms and which is built on a Location privileged of the already famous Beverly Hills, thanks to its balconies surrounded by exuberant and beautiful vegetation and to remain at the end of a private and very reserved road.

In them it is possible to obtain from a tennis court to guest house, as well as incredible views of the Benedict Canyon and of course they could not miss comforts and eccentricities with this luxurious price and that is that it includes living room of cinemainternal elevator, game room, cellar for wines, swimming pool and gym. But one of the most impressive features is its 80 hectares of land that are included with the property and that ultimately manage to place it as one of the houses of elderly extension in size of Los Angeles; something that obviously also influences the great monetary value of it.

A flat with everything you need to shine and enjoy

They highlight their gardens cared for to the extreme and that offer a visual beauty of undeniable impact, it is also possible to visualize a garage with capacity for a dozen cars, but what is impressive is inside and that is that its bedrooms They are perfectly designed to be large in scale and all of them enjoying excellent views of both the external gardens and the immense property from the mansion, where canyon scenes and city lights abound.

classic tuscan style flat

The House major It has a specially built staff wing where you can see up to three bedrooms with bathrooms and a separate dining room. And where the owners and guests have at their disposal a wide range of options to enjoy the time, because the building includes a large library and a gourmet kitchen with a center island for casual dining or breakfast nook, but alfresco dining is also available because the swimming pool outside includes a cataloged area to cook enjoying the natural and green environment outside.

It is noteworthy that the rapper and as expected has placed the sale all his properties in the Los Angeles area; two of them in the Hidden Hills neighborhood with prices that are also exorbitant and exceed 22 million dollars. A wise decision and one that everyone expected, because it makes no sense to maintain several properties within the same area with great proximity, unless you want to generate profit and enter the market with great force. market real estate.

A house adapted to light and enjoyment

The singer Robbie Williams, of British origin, is a personality within the full extension of the word and over the years he managed to leave his mark on this flat thanks to his unrestrained personalitya lot of light and a personalization of the house that leans towards the game and the enjoyment of weather freewhere the premises are to live fully, enjoy the luxuries that money is capable of offering and, of course, an infrastructure aimed at meeting the needs of its 4 little offspring.

millionaire apartment comfort privacy

A distribution and an atmosphere that have undoubtedly touched Drake in relation to his tastes and it has been the only way that the star of rap may have decided to shell out this stratospheric sum of money for a Mansionwhich although it is unbeatably located and also includes all kinds of amenities, means a investment of money quite steep for a mansion in which at least half of its land is made up of canyons that are ultimately useless or at least unusable as land.