Best dog breeds for those who live in an apartment

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When living in an apartment, the size of a dog can often be the most important thing when considering the best breed to own, but there are several factors that influence a pet suitable for living in an apartment.

For example, larger breeds that are quiet and not as active might be better choices than smaller breeds They are loud and hyperactive.

Before choosing a breed of dog to live with you in an apartment, some things to think about are if they bark a lot, if they are friendly to people, and if they will do well in small spaces.

According to Point2homes, these are some dog breeds that are perfect for apartment dwellers looking for a canine companion.

Pugs. This breed is very loving, compact and incredibly adaptable, so They are excellent apartment pets. They are generally good with both adults and children, and their charming personality is likely to help them win over all of their neighbors.

They like to explore, so it is essential to allow them to spend time outdoors on walks or in dog parks, where they will enjoy socializing. Plus, their short legs mean they don’t require intense exercise. Once home, pugs are happy to kick back and relax and can be the perfect companions to watch a bit of TV or movies.

Greyhounds. Despite their reputation as one of the fastest dog breeds, greyhounds are often they have pretty soft personalities and they are always willing to rest at home. They don’t require a lot of exercise, but they will need to run a little every day to burn off some of their energy.

For that reason, they make great exercise buddies if you like to go for a run every day. While they tend to be independent, they are easy to train and highly intelligent. This combination of trainability and calm demeanor makes greyhounds an excellent choice of pet for the inhabitants of the departments.

Bulldogs. French and English bulldogs are great choices for those who live in apartments, as they are known for his calm and friendly demeanor. Aside from regular walks and/or visits to dog parks for a bit of socializing, this breed does not require much exercise and is known to be a bit lazy at times.

However, their laid-back attitudes lend themselves well to apartments, as does the fact that they rarely bark, which your neighbors are sure to appreciate. If you live in a warmer climate, it may be important to consider air conditioning for the apartment, as bulldogs can have trouble with extreme heat.

terriers. With their compact size, terriers are very low maintenance pets. Whether it’s a Boston, a Yorkshire or another type of terrier, their lively personalities and their energy is easily controlled with walks daily, which is also a great way to exercise every day.

Less shedding is a huge benefit when living in small apartments, and terriers are less likely to bark than other breeds, which is another plus. Their smaller size makes them take up little spaceand their charm and sweetness make them popular with people of all ages.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They’re true companion dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (also known as Cavs), love to be around people and are happiest when they are by their owner’s side. Considered a toy breed, Cavs they don’t shed much hair and they only require a weekly brushing of their silky coats.

However, Cavs do like exercise, so daily walks and/or visits to the dog park are essential. These easy-going, mild-mannered canines adapt to various spaces and locations, as well as the personality and lifestyle of their owners, and tend to get along with everyone, making them an ideal apartment pet.


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