Bershka pants that look like something out of a 70s movie

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It is that we cannot avoid it. Every time we go to the clothing stores in the Mallthat we have close to home, to go around the sales, we always end up spending more time in the part where the new season clotheswhat’s more, we end up buying some other thing, even if it’s more expensive, as long as stay up to date with the latest trends and be one of the first in the group of friends wearing it.

That’s why we have no choice: although we love sales, we always we end up biting new season garments in our favorite stores, such as Bershka, the low cost brand of the Inditex group. In short, we do not give our wardrobe a break for a second and we always have it overflowing with new clothes. For this reason, in today’s article we want to share with you our latest acquisition, from the new season obviously, as it is Bershka’s best-selling pants till the date. And it is not for less that so many units of it are sold.

Bershka’s best-selling pants

Bershka’s best-selling pants It has a design that has driven us crazy we just saw it hanging on the hanger. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen jeans of this cut, so we encourage you, as soon as you finish reading us, to go buy it, in a physical store or online, so as not to run out of it because, as soon as word spreads that this type of jeans is for sale, it will be a revolution in the world of fashion and it will run out at lightning speed.

Straight jeans with biker details, photo: ©Bershka

Basically, Bershka’s best-selling pants are straight jeans with biker details, that is, they are high-waisted and their legs are straight from the hips to the ankles. This type of cut is perfect to stylize all the figures and to make you look longer legs and this is achieved thanks to the fact that It is tight at the waist, it has defined seams and because of the straightness that we have mentioned before that its legs have. To give you more details, in the waist area what it has to mark it more and fit it is a thick edge, which also helps keep the abdomen slimmer.

Bershka’s best-selling pants, as you may have seen from the photo and from what we have described so far, It has a style of the 70’s that takes away the meaning, it seems to have just come out of an old movie and that amazes us. Plus, thanks to being high-waisted and so narrow at the waist, it’s more than perfect to wear with crop tops now in summer. To continue telling you more about its design, it is also fitted at the hips, so it will mark your curves at its maximum level, its straight length reaches the ankles where it ends with a hem with thick trim. This straight cut at the ankles makes it a very versatile jeanssince you can combine it with sneakers or flat sandals for every day, with ankle boots in winter or with high heels for more formal and elegant events.

We would like to highlight its back, it also has a very innovative design as it has thick seams, It has tweezers that adjust it more to the waist And it doesn’t have back pockets. In addition, we should also highlight his biker style, a style that is characterized by the front seams that his legs have, which are located at mid-calf. These pants are denim in color, they are made of cotton, they are available from size 32 to 42 and It has a price of 35.99 euros.