Belinda’s uncle assures that the singer “prostitutes” and her father would be her “pimp”

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Fernando Peregrin gave an interview to ‘Chisme no Like’ where he leaked his family problems.

Currently the program ‘Gossip Not Like’ maintains a series of research on the family of Belinda, especially on the paternal side, for alleged fraud; and it is said that the interpreter’s father would have stolen his own brothers.

“Taking advantage of the death of her parents, Ignacio Peregrin, Belinda’s father himself, stripped her siblings of all their assets, robbed them, defrauded them until leaving them in deep misery without their family patrimony,” she mentions. Javier Ceriani in the program.

Belinda’s paternal grandparents had a family business of medical services products but after her death, in an accident, it is said that Ignacio Peregrin sold everything.

Ceriani interviewed Fernando Peregrin, brother of the father of Belindawho currently suffers from 3 different types of cancer, about what happened to his family.

“We know that he took, at that time in the year 80, 81, between him and my cousin they took 20 million, 10 million each, which today would easily be 250,000, 300,000 euros, They shared it out!”, Fernando confirmed about the family heritage.

Fernando, who currently receives a pension below the minimum wage in Spain, claims to have asked Ignacio for help due to his health situation; however, he refused.

He calls Belinda a ”hooker”

This morning one more part of the interview with Belinda’s uncle has come to light, in it you can hear the way he refers to his niece.

”This woman has experience in seducing and drawing out the livers of those who pay attention to her, and she has a counselor (her father) who knows the underworld perfectly well, because he is a criminal, a pimp, a person who He knows that if his daughter is prostitutes, do you think he doesn’t know?”, mentioned the singer’s uncle.

It should be noted that, so far, neither Belinda’s father nor herself have spoken about it despite the serious accusations against Ignacio.


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