Belinda: the deadly sin for which the singer will not go to heaven

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Through the HBO Max streaming platform it can be seen from October 27 “Divine Food”a project based on the London program “Eat Dine With Me”in its Mexican version appear music, television and comedy stars who live in the country and are recognized worldwide.

One of them is Belindathe singer and actress originally from Spainbut nationalized Mexican she is already giving something to talk about with her participation, in addition to pointing out that one of her ex-partners was also unfaithful talked about personal thingsone of them is the deadly sin with which he most identifies.

The wrath was the answer of the interpreter of “Light without gravity”“Fair Betrayal” and “Love at first sight”since she described how angry she can do things that she thought she was incapable of, while the celebrities with whom she shares the table tell her that they do not think she is an angry person.

“I’m telling you yes, anger takes over me,” says Nodal’s ex-partner when asked if he ever threw a drink in another person’s face

More about “Divine Food”

It should be remembered that the reality show consists of visiting famous 16 participants who will be divided into four teamseach one will fight to impress their companions because they must not only cook but become the best host, and in this way they will make them reach every corner of their house.

“Your hosts are ready to serve you the most irreverent competition of the year. #DivinaComidaMx, a new series from #HBOMax. With Belinda, Verónica Toussaint, Manunna, José Ángel Bichir, Karol Sevilla, Michelle Rodríguez, Margarita the Goddess of Cumbia, Carlos Gatica, Emmanuel, Rafa Márquez, Itatí Cantoral, Faisy, Alex Lora, Dulce María, María León and Erik Rubin” , described in the synopsis of the program.

Belinda’s projects in music

After appearing at a concert in Guadalajara Jalisco and project a “prayer to Saint Belinda Patron of the Enculadxs”, the singer returns to music and announced that she had worked on a new song in which she also fulfilled one of her great dreams, which is to personify herself as a manikin.

The single is called “I would love” and was made in collaboration with Abraham Matthewin the images that accompany the melody you can see Belinda with a sensual body, but that was not what caught the most attention, since she appears without any hair, and her look looks very futuristic and alternative.

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