Belinda shaves her hair and puts nails in her head, dresses up as “Hellraiser”

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Belinda Hellraiser Pinhead
Belinda dresses up as Pinhead. Photo: Instagram

In this Halloween 2022, Belinda took his very seriously custom. The Mexican shared several images shaved and with hundreds of pins stuck in her head to emulate the dark character pinhead from the horror movie Hellraiser” from 1987.

On his Instagram account, Belinda showed his transformation pinheadwhose main characteristic is the intricate network of scars that runs through his head, with thick pins going through each of the intersections so deeply that they go through his skull.

In the post, the singer is shown wearing a black plastic corset, an asymmetrical miniskirt made of the same material, and shoulder pads.

Belinda He also uploaded a video to his social networks to reveal more details of his costume inspired by “Hell Raiser”which was accompanied by a message in English: “Demon to some, angel to others”, which in Spanish translates as “Demon for some and angel for others”.

In the video you can see how Belinda manipulates a wooden cube called “Lemarchand’s Box“, an artifact that appears in the film of the director and writer clive barker. Said cube is a mechanical device that acts as a door to another dimension.

What is the “Hellraiser” movie about which Belinda was inspired?

The film saga ofhellraiser“began in 1987 with the first adaptation of the novel”The Hellbound Heart“, currently has about 14 deliveries. However, the first tape narrates how the Lemarchand’s Box triggers the arrival to this reality of the cenobitessadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.

pinhead he is the leader of this race that enjoys the most terrible tortures that anyone can imagine.

“Hellraiser” 2022, the new installment of this cult film

This October 2022, a new installment of “Hell Raiser” on digital platforms, specifically in Hulu.

According to this platform, the film tells the story of a young woman struggling with addiction who comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the cenobites.

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