Belinda reveals that she took therapy after her grandmother’s death

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Belinda reveals that she took therapy after her grandmother's death
Belinda reveals that she took therapy after her grandmother’s death. Photo: Darkroom

Belinda opened up and shared that the death of his grandmother, Juana Morenowas a blow so strong in his life that he faced problems of anxiety that took her to take therapy with a professional to get ahead.

In interview for windowingthe famous, that He also faced a controversial break with Christian Nodal, stated that it is necessary aware of emotional state to ask for help in the Right moment.

“Nobody is 100% well, we all go through moments, stages, but with the help of your loved ones, with therapy, one can get ahead, the important thing is that you are aware that you have a problem or that you feel bad or that something is happening for you to seek help and, of course, that it has happened to all of us”.


The singer, who accused gender violence after his thunder with Christian Nodal, emphasized the importance of maintaining a mental health in optimal conditionsso you have chosen to keep your private life much more away from the reflectors.

“Right now, I keep my personal life much further away from my public life, I prefer to keep it that way. I think it’s the best, the healthiest and mental and emotional health is basic.”


Belinda denies affair with important young man

After several images of Belindanext to a important young business heirwill begin to circulate in social networks unleashing rumors on a new romance of the singer, who surprised in full concert with a prayer in his honor, she denied a New relationship.

the singer of “Lies”, a song that, it is said, he dedicated to Christian Nodal, he emphasized that he has many friends and this does not imply that it is premiering romance.

“I have many friends… always, with anyone who hugs me, who has friends, that’s right.”


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